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About Birmingham, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Birmingham, West Midlands, England)

Birmingham is located in the West Midlands at the centre of England, making it a major commercial and transport hub. It is home to such attractions as the Victoria Square, the Bullring, and St. Philip's Cathedral, as well as various recreational and entertainment centres.

Birmingham started out as a small Anglo-Saxon village some 1,000 years ago. Its central location made it an ideal site for trade, and it soon grew into a major market town. The first businesses to be established were in the metalworking field, and in the 17th century Birmingham gained a reputation for manufacturing small weapons. The Industrial Revolution transformed Birmingham into a major industrial centre. Canal networks were built to speed up trade, and the first railway station in 1837 opened Birmingham to the rest of Britain.

Today, Birmingham is one of England's largest cities, and is often said to be Britain's second city. It is a major cultural centre, with an extremely diverse population and an open educational system. Millions of tourists come to Birmingham every year, and a lot of foreign students choose to stay in Birmingham after completing their studies.

What to do in Birmingham

Birmingham has an abundance of cultural and entrertainment centres, from museums and art galleries to lively nightclubs and bars. The city has something to offer for everyone, and that is what makes it so popular.

A walk around the city centre will take you to a number of art museums. The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is certainly worth seeing, with its famous pre-Raphaelite art collection. If you prefer something different, the Ikon Gallery in Brindlaysplace is a must-see. The Ikon Gallery is a premier venue for modern and contemporary European art.

Broad Street is the place to be for those who like to party. Here you will find a wide assortment of bars, pubs, and discos, many of which offer student discounts. Some of the most popular are the Australian Bar, the Revolution, and the Works.

Tourist Attractions

Birmingham combines beautiful Victorian architecture with sleek, modern buildings. Many of the old buildings are products of the city's long history, showing hints of 17th, 18th, and 19th century influence. At the city centre, you might come across St. Philip's Cathedral, which is noted for its beautiful stained glass windows and classic Baroque towers. For something more contemporary, check out the unique Selfridges building. Covering 160,000 square feet, the building looks like a giant silver balloon from afar. Move closer and you will find that it is covered with 15,000 aluminum discs, all individually spun. The building itself houses a department store, where you can shop for souvenirs.

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